Woman discovers boyfriend's infidelity after watching another woman's GRWM video: 'If you’re messing around TikTok will know'

It turns out the algorithm is actually good for something — outing cheaters.

TikToker Liesel couldn’t believe how she discovered her beau was seeing another woman. The St. Louis-based content creator was served a GRWM (“Get Ready With Me”) video of the impropriety on her FYP.

“When you were on your FYP & came across a TikTok of a girl getting ready for dinner at a guy’s house… and it was the guy you had been seeing for 5 months,” the video text read.

In an update, Liesel explained that, at the time, she and the guy weren’t exclusive. However, at the five-month mark, she expected they’d be Facebook official soon enough.

A month earlier, Liesel started to see the other woman’s name — who she didn’t know personally — appear on his phone. But when she confronted him about it, he told her it was a friend of a friend.

“He was essentially just hopping in between our apartments,” Liesel eventually realized.

Surprisingly, Sophia, the other woman in question, responded. She explained that she met Liesel’s prospect on Hinge. He and Sophia dated until he cut off ties suddenly by saying he was moving to Mexico.

Eventually, the guy ended up ghosting them both after moving there. But Sophia and Liesel were able to talk to each other and put the pieces together.

People were stunned by how illuminating the algorithm could be.

“Oh my God… The Internet is a very small community,” a person said.

“This is what I keep telling men, if you’re messing around TikTok will know,” another commented.

“The algorithm really said hey lemme show you someting,” someone joked.

“Girl in a bikini took a selfie in my apartment and posted it on Insta. That’s how I found out he had another girlfriend,” a user added.

“The days of guessing passcodes are behind us ladies,” a TikToker replied.

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