Woman Dies In Buffalo Blizzard After Calling Family While Trapped In Car For 18 Hours

Anndel Taylor.
Anndel Taylor.

The horrendous blizzard in Buffalo has completely devastated the city and left 28 people dead. One of them, Anndel Taylor, 22, was traveling home from work when her car became stuck in the snow over the holiday weekend. Her family, who are based in Charlotte, NC talked to ABC affiliate station WSOC-TV about the tragic ordeal.

“I feel like everybody that tried to get to her got stuck,” Taylor’s sister, Tomeshia Brown, said. “Fire department, police, everybody got stuck. Why didn’t they have chains on their tires? This is a state that is known for snow.”

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WSOC-TV also reported that Taylor told her family in a group chat that the snow was falling fast and sent a video of snow covering her car windows. “She was telling my sister that she was scared,” Brown recalled.

Taylor’s mother, Wanda Brown Steele, told the station that her daughter called 911 and was waiting for emergency services to respond. She planned on walking after sleeping in her car during the storm.

Steele then went onto say that she believes Taylor died of carbon monoxide poisoning, though her cause of death has yet to be determined. “The car was running, and the snow was still coming, so it blocked the pipes, the exhaust pipe,” Steele said. “After the car cut off,” she continued. “That’s when she iced up.”

The GoFundMe for Taylor has reached more than twice its initial goal of $12,000. The description stated:

“As you all may know one of my daughters, our sister, your friend, has passed away by accident in a blizzard that occurred in Buffalo NY December 23rd and 24th. She was stuck in her car for hours/days which caused the snow to continue to build up on her car causing her to be unable to get out. We are currently trying to put Services together to say our final goodbyes.”

In addition, President Biden has approved an emergency declaration and authorized FEMA to send in resources to help New York State.

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