Woman deadlifts her favorite male actors: ‘Made it look effortless!’

A personal trainer impressed the pants of TikTok by deadlifting some of her most cherished male actors.

Dana Zlateva is a self-described “gym rat.” When it came to deadlifting celebrities, she barely flinched at the challenge. Of course, she didn’t actually get the chance to pump iron using Jason Momoa’s chiseled physique.

Zlateva lifted the actors’ equivalent body weights. As far as determining the weights, she “went off of what the internet said.”

First, she lifted 141-pound Tom Holland, 180-pound Jensen Ackles, 200-pound Henry Cavill and 260-pound Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“Fun idea but need heavier actors,” Zlateva wrote in the caption.

Zlateva explained in the comments that deadlifting an actual would be much more challenging.

“The weight distribution is gonna be wayyy different. Also much harder to get a hold of a person than a barbell,” she wrote.

People were impressed with how effortlessly she lifted each increasingly heavy “actor.”

“Girl you forgot to struggle,” a TikToker replied.

“No but I really genuinely wanna see you actually put The Rock on the floor in a plank and dead lift him. Like I need that in my life!” another added.

“My toxic trait is thinking I could do this easily,” a person shared.

“Made it look effortless! Try Chris Hemsworth,” someone commented.

“I learned I can deadlift Jason Mamoa, gotta work on getting The Rock,” a user replied.

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