Woman creeped out by friend’s ‘horrible’ blind date setup: ‘Where do I go from here?’

A woman is feeling pressured to turn a bad date into a relationship.

She asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for help. Her friend’s husband said he was setting the poster up with a friend. During the date, however, it appeared the husband didn’t know anything about the guy. Even after the poster told her friend she wasn’t interested in him, the friend couldn’t seem to drop it.

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“My friend mentioned her husband’s good friend was single and a great guy, [so] she wanted to set me up with him,” the poster said. “I agreed. We all went on a double date. The first thing I noticed was he looked nothing like the photo she showed me — very tall with a big beer gut. But I decided to get to know him and give things a chance.

“Over the course of dinner, I come to find out they know NOTHING about him, not even where he works. I started to get uncomfortable. How is this a good friend? Then he mentioned they had set him up three times before this … and every single one of the women had ghosted him.”

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The Reddit poster felt uncomfortable the whole time, but her date was certain things were going well.

“At this point, I just felt sick and lied to,” the poster wrote. “All of a sudden, my friends get up and leave, telling us they will give us some alone time. This is where things got weird. He was talking to me as if we were already in a relationship, saying he owed them SO MUCH for setting us up and [was] glad things were ‘working out.’

“Now my friend keeps asking if I will ‘date’ him and start up a relationship even after being direct and telling her I was NOT interested. She even gave him my number. Where do I go from here? I’m offended she even thought I would go for this guy and also weirded out that I’m the fourth woman. I feel so gross and used.”

Redditors thought her friends crossed a line.

“Lay it out very clearly to her: She is not to ever give your phone number out without your consent,” a user said.

“Not sure these people should be considered friends after this,” another wrote.

“From the sounds of this date, I would be reevaluating that friendship because it sounds awful,” a person commented.

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