Woman Is Convinced She Has the 'Smallest Goldendoodle Ever' and Everyone Is Obsessed

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OMG this dog couldn't be any cuter.

There are oodles of doodles (and 'poos) out there, and no two look quite the same. From multicolored Bernedoodles to the classic cockapoo, it really can't get much cuter. Just check out this little Goldendoodle princess named Ivy! She goes by @imgoldenivy on TikTok, and she's as petite as can be. 

In fact, many of her viewers don't even believe that she's a full-grown Goldendoodle! That's actually what prompted the making of this popular video, and it's honestly genius. A viral audio and a relatable situation? Sounds like Internet fame in the making to us! 

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Yep, this lil' (fully-grown) girl was meant to be a star. She's rocking her tiny stature! Even the fluff doesn't add any height, but she doesn't need it one bit. She's perfect exactly as she is!

"Stop. she’s soo cute," agreed @mrsmariapennington. Isn't she? We'd stop dead in our tracks if we saw her in person, so we can only imagine the kinds of reactions she and her mama get. They're probably similar to what @country.tonight commented: "No way this a golden retriever 😂." LOL!

We absolutely believe her mama, so if she's a Goldendoodle, she's a Goldendoodle! She's also "such a little teddy!!!! 🧸," to quote @joy_to_the_tiktok. No wonder she already has so many fans! We'd love to cuddle this lil' floofy girl.

"My full grown doodle is 12 lbs," @rachelashley93 shared. That's adorable!  Maybe Ivy's miniature size isn't that unusual after all, but that doesn't make it any less precious. Whatever her size--we just adore her!