Woman claps back at people bullying her androgynous sister on TikTok

Loren Schaffer, an actress and singer from Atlanta, Ga., clapped back at a handful of ignorant viewers who tried to assert that her sister, Lindzey Schaffer. is actually “a brother” because of her style and her short hair. “You guys have to stop telling me that my sister is my brother,” Loren said in a TikTok response video. “I was there when she was born”. “Do you live under a rock?” she continued. “Have you never seen an androgynous woman with a shaved head? It’s 2020, honey, women can wear whatever they want”. “she actually has cancer and her hair was down to her waist before chemotherapy, good thing she looks better with it shaved,” Loren added. TikTokers immediately rushed to the sisters’ defense, with many viewers expressing awe over Lindzey’s fashion sense. “Her fashion is immaculate they are tripping,” wrote one user. The sisters’ GoFundMe page has currently raised $44,655 of its $50,000 goal and counting