Woman Claims Her Bissel Is the Best Thing For Cleaning Upholstery

We have probably all been there at one point or another... One minute everything is going fine and dandy and the next there is some sort of oops and now you are left having to clean up that mess, and that mess just so happens to be on your upholstery. Most of the time that wouldn't be a big deal, except upholstery is notoriously hard to clean. Well, one woman - LaTreese, has recently claimed that her Bissel is actually her secret weapon when it comes to cleaning upholstery and she's shared this info with all of us on the internet.

LaTreese starts off by saying that her Bissel 'Little Green', a handheld combo vac made out of green and clear plastic, is a 'TikTok made me buy it' find, something that others recommended that she was admittedly a bit skeptical about at first.

But not for long.

The tiny, but mighty, machine allows you to spray down your upholstery with super hot water straight from the machine itself before you use the handheld vacuum to start slowly moving down the face of said upholstery. Apparently the suction on this beast is super strong, allowing it to really get down deep into the fibers and pull up more than just the surface grime. She even cleans the highchair with it, which is something that I've always had a hard time cleaning properly.

And in the end the proof is 'in the pudding', so to speak. Or at least, it's in the tank of dirty water that has to be drained out into the sink. And, oh boy, is that stuff nasty. Dirty, grimy water swirls out of the tank and you can visibly see just how much stuff this machine pulled up and out, making it well worth it - at least in LaTreese's opinion!