Woman Who Claimed She Was Arrested for Being Too Good-Looking Is Charged for "Stabbing Her Mother to Death"

A woman who accused police officers of arresting her at Las Vegas airport for being "too good-looking" has been charged with murdering her mother, according to reports. Hend Bustami, 28, caused a commotion at Harry Reid International Airport in August when she skipped out on her Chili's restaurant bill, was allegedly drunk and belligerent, and accused the police of unfairly targeting her due to her looks. Now Bestami is facing much more severe accusations. Here's what the police and neighbors are saying.


Dine and Dash

Bustami became infamous after dining and dashing at the Chili's in Las Vegas airport and abusing police officers who were called in to deal with her. "Soon after, officers working D gates were notified by TSA that [a] female matching that description was observed sleeping near the security checkpoint, hindering their operations," the official report said.

Bustami was later discovered in the baggage claim area, where according to police, she seemed intoxicated and was "belligerent with officers, saying she was being harassed because cops [had] never seen anyone as pretty as her."


Escape to California

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Bustami stabbed her 62-year-old mother to death inside their home on the morning of October 26, before attempting to escape and hide in California.

Lt. David Valenta says law enforcement started searching for her after finding the mother's body, and California Highway Patrol found Bustami in Barstow, California, at around 5 am. She was taken into custody, where she remains.


Murder Charges

Police found the mother's body after a person called in at 2.30 am to say her mother was dead. They believe this call was made by Bustami, who was at that point on the run. She was quickly found and taken to San Bernardino County jail on a fugitive of justice charge, and will reportedly be brought back to Nevada to face murder charges. 


Always Fighting

According to a neighbor, Bustami and her mother were constantly arguing, and the police were frequently visiting the house to calm domestic disputes. "I would have never seen this coming. She was never aggressive or mean toward anybody in the neighborhood," says Andres Moreno, who has lived next door for two years.

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"The Mother Was Afraid"

Investigators say Bustami's mother was with a friend the night before the incident. According to the friend, the mother was afraid of her daughter and was concerned about going home. She reportedly told the friend, "I'm worried to go home, maybe she will kill me." The friend was alarmed when Bustami's mother stopped answering her phone on Wednesday night and came to the house to check on her. A court date for Bustami has yet to be set.