Woman catches ‘unsettling’ Minnie Mouse animation detail in ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’: ‘Disney, why?’

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A mom made a disturbing observation while watching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” with her little girl, and now her Disney discovery is going viral.

Meghan Davis (@meghan.j.davis) gained over 500,000 views, 100,000 likes and 1,500 comments after she uploaded her findings to her TikTok account.

While we’ve seen Minnie Mouse go viral in the past — like the Disney guests who accused Minnie of being rude to their toddler during a “cruel” meet-and-greet interaction — Meghan’s video shines a whole new spotlight on the polka-dotted rodent, shocking Disney lovers around the world.

The video — captioned, “Disney, why do [you] make these choices?” — starts off by Meghan warning viewers not to scream by what she’s about to reveal.

Her video then cuts to a clip from “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” in which Minnie Mouse is singing as she walks toward a decorated Christmas tree. But it’s the dainty mouse’s ears that Meghan calls special attention to.

“My daughter watches a lot of ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,'” Meghan explains. “It drives me bonkers that their ears do that.”

“Omg … that last clip should be illegal”

Judging by the comments, Meghan wasn’t the only one disturbed by the animation choice.

“im glad you said dont scream cause i wouldve SCREAMED! my poor animator heart,” one user wrote.

“I thought you were being dramatic and almost scrolled but… You’re right 😭,” another user commented.

“That is…so much worse than I thought it was going to be,” replied one user.

“The way my jaw dropped! Omg… that last clip should be illegal 😂,” another user laugh-cried.

Hopefully, Disney lovers will be able to “unsee” this unsettling animation detail and still enjoy the Mickey Mouse gang’s antics.

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