Woman calls out husband over his ‘selfish’ lie about their marriage: ‘Why are you with this man?’

A woman was stunned when her husband threw her under the bus to impress his co-workers.

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. Per her story: her husband always shows up late for work because he refuses to wake up. She spends every morning trying to get him up in time, but he is still always late. When his co-workers came over for dinner, she was shocked by what her husband told them.

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“Ever since my husband began working for this company,” she said. “He became good friends with his co-workers. His boss though is the strict type who doesn’t tolerate being late for work which is something my husband is guilty of and constantly gets in trouble for. Every morning is an absolute nightmare. He’d stay in bed until 7:30 a.m., refuses to wake up, he’d get so aggressive he’d knock off the alarm clock, push his phone off the nightstand. Despite all that he’d end up being late for work over a sock or waiting for his phone to charge.”

But she couldn’t believe the excuse her husband gave to his co-workers for being late.

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“He invited his coworkers over for dinner,” she explained. “They were talking about how he’s good at everything except that he’s always late. He shrugged and said it’s not his fault he’s always late since he wakes up at 5:30 a.m., walks the dogs, gets the kids ready for school, makes breakfast, cleans up the kitchen, packs lunch then spends almost 40 minutes waking me up. I was floored like I couldn’t believe he was talking about us. I saw the judging look on his co-workers’ faces as they all start telling him that their wives don’t treat them this way. I said wait, wait, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m the one who constantly wakes him up and he doesn’t even know how to set his alarm properly let alone wake up to do what he said he does. His coworkers got quiet and he look shocked. They started side-eyeing him. He looked upset yet embarrassed and went off on me once they left saying I ruined his reputation and embarrassed him in front of them just to feed my ego.”

Redditors thought the husband was totally wrong.

“Why are you with this man? He has no respect for you whatsoever,” someone commented.

“He is using her as an excuse to be late and sleep in, and then lying about her,” another wrote.

“He threw you under the bus unnecessarily and made YOU look bad in a selfish attempt to make himself look good,” a user said.

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