Woman calls out date for ghosting her after she allegedly flew cross-country to see him: ‘Can you at least call me?’

A woman is sparking plenty of anger after sharing how her date abandoned her following a cross-country flight.

TikToker Samantha Marie (@sdenoyer) first shared the story on July 3, sparking a series of posts that have since gone viral.

Her original video came as a response to another TikTok, in which a woman shared how her date left her at dinner after pretending to go to the bathroom. In a moment of catharsis, Samantha revealed her own situation.

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The difference, however, is that Samantha didn’t get left at a restaurant. As she explains in her videos, she got left at a hotel — after flying to meet him in a faraway city.

“I flew across the country to see this mans and when I woke up from a nap at our hotel he was gone,” she captioned the first clip.

Samantha goes on to share a series of texts she sent the man, seemingly right after realizing he’d left.

“Can you at least call me?” one of the messages reads.

“Like I’m in a city I’ve literally never been to and I bought my flight here and you just leave and stop responding to me???” a later text says.

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Soon commenters were demanding the full story. So Samantha posted a follow-up explaining the situation.

As she explains, the guy started DMing her, and she responded because she found him attractive and they had a mutual friend. Eventually she agreed to fly out to visit him.

The second night she was there, they booked a hotel. After a day of hanging out around town, Samantha lay down to take a nap in the room. When she woke up, the guy was gone.

She goes on to explain that her date disappeared with no warning, taking all of his belongings and a bottle of vodka she’d bought for them to share. She called him numerous times, but he never answered.

Eventually he texted her back and claimed he had a “family emergency.” But Samantha was skeptical.

“Why did you take vodka to your family emergency?” she says. “Not to mention the vodka I bought.”

Posting from the hotel room, Samantha said she was “confused” by the guy’s actions more than anything. TikTok commenters were far more critical.

“Never ever fly to a man,” one user wrote.

“He’s definitely married or has a gf,” another suggested.

“Family emergency is def a lie, you dodged a bullet!!” another added. “So sorry you had to go through this.”

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