Woman Calling Her Barn Animals for an ‘Emergency Meeting’ Is Downright Hilarious

Working on a farm is serious business...most of the time. The other half of the time it can be a series of mishaps and hijinks. Just take one woman on TikTok who decided to call an "emergency staff meeting" with her farm animals instead of walking around the property to feed them.

In all fairness to the woman — it was raining that day. So we can sort of see why she wasn't feeling the great outdoors and decided to get a little creative instead.

It really was misty out, as can be seen in the footage she shared online. The clip shows her many chickens, turkeys, and goats sprinting towards her porch as she gave them all the details of the "staff meeting."

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"My friends, due to the weather we are are in need of an emergency staff meeting," she said from behind the camera. "If you could all join me here in the conference room thank you kindly."

It really seemed like the animals just kept coming. This is one big "company."

"Hi!" she continued. "It is raining. It is muddy. I do not want to come chase you down in the pastures or the pond. Stay by the barn," she warned. Behave!"

"Don't make me call HR," she joked. "I will fire any of you — seriously."

To say that the "meeting" was a little bit of a mess is an understatement. But that didn't stop people from poking fun in the comments section. "Considering the weather…this could have been an email…." joked one woman. "I want to see who HR is in this story," another commenter teased. "This is more motivation and snacks than my job gives me," a third person chimed in. 

Although one person called this a "hostile work environment," which — they weren't wrong.

"Spring is wild," the woman joked in the caption.

Feeding Farm Animals

Of course, these animals had to get fed. And there are lots of answers as to what farm animals should eat on the day-to-day.

Chickens, for example, are omnivores and have six nutritional requirements, which are carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water. Feeder chickens might have a slightly different diet than non-feeder chickens.

Geese are a little easier to feed. They are happiest eating off the natural environment. They'll chow down on grass and will eat wheat grains and cracked corn too.

Pigs are another animal that needs an array of food, although they aren't as picky as other animals. Pigs love vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, mushrooms, seeds, grass, roots, eggs and insects. They also needs lots of fresh water.

No matter what you feed your farm animals, let's just hope you don't need to call a "company meeting" of your own.

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