Woman Born Without Hands or Feet 'Absolutely Smashes' Workout Routine

Irishwoman Amy Fitzgerald, who was born without feet or hands, celebrated National Fitness Day on September 24 by “absolutely smashing” a workout routine set out by her trainer at a gym devoted to those with disabilities.

Laura Cassin, co-owner of InvincABLE Fitness in Waterford, filmed footage of Fitzgerald’s workout with Rachel Beckett, also a co-owner and instructor with the company.

Fitzgerald commented on a Facebook post featuring the video saying the footage was “incredible” and that it would “get me through many a tough day to come.”

Speaking to Irish media outlet HerSport.ie about the video and her fitness regime, Fitzgerald talked about the changes made to her life when she began to work with Beckett in February of this year.

“There is nowhere else in the world I’d rather be when I’m working out," she said. "The outside world doesn’t feature nor does my disability which is definitely why I love it as much as I do. At the gym I’m just me doing my thing.”

Speaking to Storyful, Cassin added that the gym is “fully focused” on helping people with disabilities and that Fitzgerald uses “specialized attachments” that allow her to utilize the available machines. “She loves weightlifting too,” Cassin added. Credit: InvincABLE Fitness via Storyful