TikTok user reveals ‘crazy’ hack for uploading photos to an iPhone: ‘My mouth is wide open right now’

A new TikTok hack is showing users how to scan on an iPhone.

The trick is the latest entry in a major trend on the app, where users reveal little-known secrets or “hidden” features on their phones. In the past few months alone, TikTokers have shared hacks for “disguising” apps, screenshotting full webpages and logging onto Face ID with a face mask on.

This latest tip, courtesy of user @ambre_skye, shows how iPhone users can scan documents, polaroid photos and more with just a few taps.

“Here’s an iPhone trick I guarantee you didn’t know,” the user captioned her video.

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Like most TikTok iPhone hacks, @ambre_skye’s trick simply reveals a setting many users seemed unaware of.

In her clip, the TikToker presses and holds her Notes app to bring up a list of settings. Then, she clicks the “Scan Document” feature, which brings up the phone’s camera view. From there, she places her phone over a Polaroid photo and shows how the camera automatically recognizes the image, then “digitizes” it into the phone’s memory.

The hack is framed as a way to keep track of phsyical photos, however many users commented that they used the feature for other tasks — like saving documents and submitting digital homework assignments. Some users, who were unaware of the feature, called it “crazy” and “life-changing.”

“You just blew my mind,” one user wrote.

“This is truly awesome,” another added.

“My mouth is wide open right now,” another added.

Of course, there were other commenters who criticized the video. Some users said @ambre_skye was simply exposing a well-known feature.

Either way, one thing is for sure: There’ll be another viral iPhone sparking a debate within days.

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