Woman baffled by mother-in-law’s ‘ridiculous’ marriage critique: ‘It really hurt her to see her son doing the chores’

A woman thinks her household rules may have insulted her mother-in-law.

She asked for advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Her mother-in-law visited for two days. During the say, the mother-in-law was horrified by how much her son (the Reddit poster’s husband) had to do chores. The mother-in-law called it a “bad omen.”

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“Me and my husband just officially moved to a small but conducive house,” the wife explained. “So I invited my mother-in-law (MIL) and father-in-law (FIL) for a 2-day stay over so they could spend time with us and explore the new house and area. During lunch, my husband was the one preparing the food, and this obviously enraged my MIL.”

“She kept insinuating throughout the whole lunch saying ‘I can teach you some cooking it is a bad omen to make your husband cook.’ When my husband was sweeping while she stayed over she rushed to him as though he was a kid playing with fire or something and started sweeping for him.”

The mother-in-law was aghast the whole time about her son’s household responsibilities.

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“Every minor chore he would do within the time she stayed over, she would either glare me down till I took over or she would snidely tell him ‘ask her to do it.’ Three days or so, after they left, she called me in the afternoon saying that it really hurt her to see her son doing the chores,” the Reddit poster wrote.

“Except, he wasn’t and I was doing the laundry (his and mine), cooking dinner, and the whole pre-cleaning to arrange their guest rooms and tidy the place was also done by me. She said she was feeling depressed for days because he was brought up never having to do house chores at his own house and seeing ‘me make him do chores’ is breaking her heart.”

Redditors thought the mother-in-law was in the wrong.

“Your MIL is being overdramatic. Ridiculous!” a user commented.

“If she’s so depressed her baby boy is doing chores, she should do them for him,” another said.

“She’s manipulating you and trying to frame you as inadequate to take care of her baby like she did. Proceed with caution,” someone wrote.

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