Woman Announces She's 'Instagram Famous' While Being Kicked Off Flight

It's one thing to be that passenger on a flight—as in, the one who causes problems and holds everything up, generally to the ire of your fellow passengers. But to be an unruly passenger in this day and age also comes with an inevitable social media shaming, which is exactly what occurred in the case of a bodysuit-wearing woman who was ejected from a flight.

It's unclear when and where the incident occurred, which started making rounds on social media over the weekend. In the short 20-second clip posted to the platform formerly known as Twitter, a woman wearing a grey bodysuit can be heard berating others as she collects her belongings from the overheard bin and makes her walk of shame off the flight.

While we also don't see what she did to removed from the flight, her behavior in the aftermath leaves little to the imagination.

"Call me a bitch again," she says to someone off-camera. "Yeah? I did nothing wrong!" When the other person tells her to "shut up," she fires back: "No, you shut the fuck up. You shut the fuck up, and your bitch."

After noticing that another passenger is filming her, she delivers the line that all but ensures she's about to wind up on the front page of the internet. "Film me! I'm Instagram famous, you fucking bum."

And sure enough, in just over 24 hours, the video has been viewed nearly 25 million times, which means that her fame has now clearly surpassed her Instagram presence. "'Instagram famous' but still flying economy," quipped one user, while another added, "Instagram famous is a wild statement to make when no one in the room knows who you are."

However, the woman has since been identified as former reality star Morgan Osman, who was cast on season 5 of Bad Girls Club in 2010. According to a fan site, Osman was "removed from the house in episode 2 after breaking into the production's office and having a physical altercation" with several other cast mates. She now boasts nearly one million Instagram followers.

Osman also commented on her newfound fame on her Instagram stories, with screenshots of several publications that picked up the story. "Don't act like y'all don't know who tf I am," she captioned one apparent screenshot of her Google image search results. "From Bad Girls Club to the south of France with billboards all over L.A. [Come] on now."

In any case, congrats to Osman on her new resurgence in fame. Although perhaps this isn't exactly what she had in mind.