Woman exposes creepy stranger's alleged gym behavior while filming her workout: 'This is not OK'

A woman is putting a stranger on blast after she recorded the moment he allegedly touched her without consent while she was working out.

22-year-old TikTok user @fernvillaceran, who goes by Fern, was filming a video of a workout for TikTok when her camera caught an unexpected alleged interaction. Toward the end of the TikTok, which has since accumulated almost 4 million views, a man walks into the camera view and appears to touch Ferm inappropriately.

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This video comes alongside a slew of other TikToks exposing men for being “creepy,” including another video where a woman was filming her workout and caught a man allegedly taking an unsolicited photo of her and an instance where a woman had to confront two men who were allegedly taking secret photos of women at the beach.

“This dumba** touches my booty, he didn’t know that I’m filming,” Fern wrote over the video.

The TikTok caption, however, showed a more vulnerable side to Fern’s reaction.

“Please idk what to do,” she said. “[He’s] always doing this.”

Then, Fern hashtagged #gymstaff, implying that she thinks the man in the video actually works at the gym.

“This isn’t OK,” one commenter wrote.

“No matter the scenario, keep your hands to yourself,” another added.

As people start returning to gyms, there’s been an increased interest in female-only gyms in the U.S. According to a survey from BarBend.com, a popular fitness outlet, 75 percent of women interviewed said they had been heckled or catcalled while working out in public. Three out of five women interviewed also added that they have changed gyms or workout schedules to avoid harassment.

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