Woman accuses housecleaners of trashing her apartment, one passing out with door left open

The next time your cleaners miss a spot, don’t go complaining to Genevieve Snow. The Brooklyn, N.Y., woman published a scathing review on Facebook Monday, accusing the local Joanna Cleaning Service of wrecking her apartment. The smoking gun? A photo she posted that appears to show one of the cleaning women passed out on her floor after (presumably) polishing off Snow’s liquor: a bottle of Ketel One vodka and a bottle of Broker’s gin.

On Aug. 27, I hired two cleaning ladies from Joanna’s Cleaning Service in Brooklyn to clean the common spaces of my apartment,” Snow wrote on her own Facebook page. “I let them in and handed them $185 for the cleaning plus $60 tip, both in cash per Joanna’s email request. At 5:30 p.m., my roommate came home to the apartment door open and the pink shirt cleaning lady passed out face-down in the kitchen. The other cleaner was long gone and the apartment door was left open with my keys missing.”

Snow claims she found her spice rack destroyed and coffee table flipped over. She included photographic evidence in the post, which clearly shows a ransacked kitchen and living room — the common areas Snow says she hired the service to clean. In front of the refrigerator, and next to the smashed spice rack, is the reportedly unconscious house cleaner.

Genevieve Snow’s home was in disarray. (Photo: Facebook @Geevee Snow)
Genevieve Snow’s home was in disarray. (Photo: Facebook @Geevee Snow)

Snow also shared her email correspondence with the owner of the cleaning service, Joanna Otulszewska.

“I had some problems with my service today,” Snow wrote before revealing that her roommate said she spotted the women “hanging out on the sofa and doing nothing at 10 a.m.” At one point they were even allegedly caught eating ice cream as well as taking a nap on the couch. Snow later realized that the cleaning lady who fled the scene took the house keys with her, so she had to hire an emergency locksmith to change her locks.

When Otulszewska reacted to Snow’s message with an apathetic response — offering a free cleaning session as payback for the incident — Snow struck back by sending an itemized list of the damage and demanding full payment before getting the authorities involved. The fees — which included the cost of service, tip, lock replacement, and a new spice rack — totaled $427.29.

The situation escalated for almost two weeks, with Otulszewska challenging Snow’s compensation requests and even criticizing her for posting a photo of the passed-out employee, which is legal in New York. Finally, on Sept. 10, Otulszewska emailed Snow a long, detailed excuse for her employees’ misbehavior. The maid’s husband had left her, Otulszewska claimed, and her teenage daughter was pregnant. The stress caused the employee to lose control, the business owner suggested.

Incensed, Snow took to Yelp to leave another damning review about Joanna Cleaning. And that’s when things got really weird.

Snow soon received a message from a woman by the name of Joanna Sokolowska (not Otulszewska, though the names look similar), claiming to be the owner of Joanna Cleaning Service. The person identifying herself as Otulszewska was an imposter and disgruntled former employee with bad intentions, Sokolowska claimed.

“I have nothing to hide,” Sokolowska now tells the New York Post. “[Oltuszewska] was working with us — an independent worker. She left and opened her company … I am 100 percent sure it was her.”

Sokolowska theorizes that the fired employee took the client list with her when she left.

Though Snow got the police involved, she claims in her Facebook post that officers refused to take a report. To add insult to injury, the address listed by the offending company — 1111 4th Avenue in Brooklyn — appears to be bogus, according to Snow’s Yelp review, so she is unable to locate the offender and take her to small claims court or report her to the Better Business Bureau.

Despite hitting dead ends — and drawing the empathy of commenters on her now-viral Facebook post — Snow is determined to track down the culprits and seek justice.

“The end goal is finding an address to sue the business,” she told the Post.

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