Winter Swimming In Siberia: the World's Most Daring Swim Club

If you thought the Polar Bear Swimming Clubs of America were hard core for diving into cold waters, this group in Siberia might literally have ice water flowing through their veins.

The Cryophile Winter Swimming Club of Krasnoyarsk, Russia, never met water that was too cold to swim in. The roughly 300 members, who range in age from 1 year old to 79, take winter plunges with an air temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit below zero – and that’s without including the chilling effect of frigid water on your skin.

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If that sounds utterly insane, you’re not alone – the group’s members concede they have family and friends who think the same way. But they also say that the frozen plunges make them feel better and help them disconnect from the day-to-day problems of life.

“‘When I leave the water I feel a prickling sensation all over my body, it feels like I am ready to fly,” Nikolai Bocharov, 77, recently told Reuters.

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