Win your Super Bowl (party)! 11 expert tips to host an epic tailgate for the big game.

New to the tailgating scene? Planning your first epic pregame party? We’ve got your back! We’re sharing all the tips and tricks you need to avoid any rookie mistakes so you can look like a total tailgate party pro.

From stress-free setups to crowd-pleasing breakfast spreads and mess-free snacking, we’re spilling the beans on 11 game-changing prep hacks, cool gadget tricks and cleanup secrets that'll have you mastering the art of the Super Bowl party in no time. Whether you're a tailgate newbie or a seasoned game day partier, get ready to hack your way to a winning celebration that's big on fun and low on mishaps.

Watch the video above to learn how to host a successful tailgate party.

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Tips for hosting the best tailgate party

  • Start your tailgate party prep early, especially if it begins in the morning. Including caffeinated beverages in the spread can be a game-changer.

    • Opt for iced coffee, which is easier to manage and travel with.

    • Consider bringing dairy-free options to accommodate different dietary needs, which also hold up better in the heat.

  • Save time by prepping the night before to avoid early morning setup stress.

  • Make snack-sized sandwiches instead of grilling for a more manageable party setup.

  • Offer a variety of bagels and cream cheese for a perfect breakfast spread.

  • Avoid messy foods like ice cream unless you have a reliable cooling setup.

  • Choose snacks in individually wrapped packages for less mess and increased sanitation.

  • Fully charge your phone the night before game day and bring a portable charger, plus extras for friends if you have them.

  • If in charge of music, bring a portable charger to ensure uninterrupted tunes and create multiple themed playlists in advance.

  • Use large or small frozen water bottles in your cooler to prevent messy cleanups caused by free-floating melted ice.

  • Bring a comfortable camping chair for yourself and extras for guests to ensure all-day comfort for everyone involved. It also makes for easier snacking.

  • Provide fun, easy entertainment options like cornhole, ladder golf, horseshoes, and giant Jenga for guests to enjoy throughout the day.

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