Willow Smith's Teeny-Weeny Afro Is Too Cute to Describe in Words

When I saw Willow Smith's beaded cornrows last month, I was two seconds from making a braiding appointment to get a similar hairstyle (and, quite honestly, I am still considering making that appointment). Now, she is making me want to big chop again after spotting her adorable teeny-weeny Afro (TWA) in a recent selfie. 

Smith posted her selfie on Instagram on May 4 using lyrics from Tyler the Creator's “Dogtooth” as the caption. Her makeup-free skin looked radiant while her short coils stood about an inch or two above her head. Her hair was doing its own thing, full of frizz and without a single swoop of baby hairs. It makes me think of “cloud hair,” which is simply Black people's natural hair texture when it hasn't been slicked or gelled into oblivion.

You might be too distracted admiring her hair to notice the black fist jutting out from the back of her head. That's the handle of an Afro pick. Based on the way her hair looks, I wouldn't be surprised if she had picked out her hair with the comb right before snapping the selfie. 

I love Smith and her shaved head as much as the next person, but it also feels like a treat whenever we see her with longer styles like her TWA or braids. Knowing her penchant for experimenting with her hair, this TWA might be no more by next week. Until then, I'll be here admiring her hair and staring with temptation at the shears on my bathroom counter. 

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