20 Fan Reactions To Season 2 Of "The Wilds"

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A bunch of teenage girls en route to a women's event are left stranded in the wilderness after their plane crashes, killing some of them. The girls somehow survive in the wilderness, and many years later, when they have been rescued, are forced to recount their ordeal.

A group of girls on a private jet

You can be excused if you think that I am talking about Showtime's eerie and gnarly Yellowjackets. The show of which I write debuted on Amazon Prime a year before and is now back with its second season.

Amazon Prime

The Wilds employs the aforementioned plotline, but the girls are stranded on an island (that has a jungle), and there might be a group of stranded boys, too, in the vicinity. Not sure if hunting down each other for food is on the menu or not.

A group of boys on a private jet
Amazon Prime

Fans who were waiting for two years for the second season were thrilled when it dropped recently on Amazon Prime, and let's see what they have got to say:

Sophia Ali looks down on something
Amazon Prime

1.Some fans feel betrayed by the surprise additions to the second season.

2.Leah's scenes are indeed humorous, and someone should make a clip and upload on YouTube.

3.People are in love with the actors.

4.People are miffed about the "twists" that second season threw up.

5.God knows how many people couldn't figure out where Nora was?

6.The show runs this risk if it decides to go for a very long run.

7.Maybe one of them was wearing a very good deodorant and the other wanted a whiff.

8.People are in for a rude surprise.

9.Well, this does sound like false advertisement.

10.No complaints here!

11.Well, boys can be...erm...childishly belligerent.

12.The two-year wait has put the fear of hiatus or cancellation in the heart of some fans.

13.Those eyes are transfixing.

14.Another long wait for another season.

15.She should get her own comedy spinoff.

16.Toni with her hair down is magic for some.

17.This is a funny depiction of what the show has done in the second season.

18.Who all wants them to be together?

19.Well we can't have all the good things in one show or season.

20.Some good expectations for the next season.