Wildlife Photographer Gets Up Close and Personal with Wolves in the Arctic

On August 24, an amazingly talented 20-year-old photographer named Meline Ellwangerr posting an astonishing video of something that took place when she visited the arctic.

Check out the following clip to see Ellwangerr surrounded by 13 majestic wolves.

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The video was posted by Ellwangerr's TikTok account @Meline.wildlife and it's just breathtaking. Arctic wolves inhabit some of the most remote and extreme regions of North America and Greenland, as well as parts of northern Europe and Asia. They are smaller than other wolves because their size helps them conserve heat. They usually travel in packs, so it's not surprising that she saw so many at the same time. Seeing the one wolf do that big stretch reminds you that these animals have a lot in common with domestic dogs! Ellwangerr was named the 2021 Young Wilderness Photographer of the Year, and checking out her Instagram account we can see why.


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She posted the above image in May of this year with the description, "If you have ever had the privilege to observe wolves in the wild you will know the incredible feeling of being in the presence of these incredible animals. Wolves are also one of the most interesting animals to observe due to their social structure within the pack. It is very interesting to observe their behavior and see how they interact with one another."

This was such a once-in-a-lifetime experience for her to be this close to so many of these beautiful animals. This is one account we'll be looking out for to see more of her breathtaking photography work.

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