Wildlife Center Staff Prepares To Release Rescued Bear Cubs This Spring

So far, one bear has been released into the wild.

In many cases, saying goodbye to an animal after a year of caring for them is positively heartbreaking. But for the amazing wildlife rehab specialists at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, it's their definition of Happily Ever After.

The plan had always been to raise and release the five bear cubs that came into their care last year, and it sounds like that day has finally come. As WSLS reports though, the staff may have to rethink the trap-and-release method they've been trying to use.

Aww! These baby bears are positively adorable, although they must be a bit bigger now if they're old enough to be released.

"Spring is typically when they would leave their moms in the wild," states WSLS, "but we’re told there are even more natural resources this year because of the unseasonably warm weather." That's good news! This creates favorable conditions for the cubs to be released in the wild, but the staff is having trouble trapping the bears in the first place. If they can't be trapped, though, they can't be released!

Luckily, these wildlife experts have a few tricks up their sleeves--and it involves a trip to get some Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Outreach Public Affairs Manager Alex Wehrung shared, "getting them to go into a live trap sometimes take a little bit of ingenuity and in this case, again what we’re really hoping will do the trick is that fried chicken."  LOL! That isn't the first thing we'd think of luring bears with, but who doesn't love fried chicken?

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