Wild Horses Stroll Through Nevada Neighborhood Like Something Out of a Movie

It's normal to see a few animals in just about every neighborhood, whether you live somewhere tropical, somewhere frozen, or anywhere in between. Most of us in urban and suburban areas are used to small mammals like raccoons and squirrels, but we've also seen enough birds, insects, and reptiles to consider them common. Even so, each climate has a few of its own species that seem a bit rarer to those of us who don't live there. Just consider what these Nevada residents see on a regular basis!

In Reno, it's normal to spot wild horses. They roam the desert and its towns in search of food, and they've adapted to having so many people nearby. One Reno resident and mom named Amanda shared a peek at the horses on her TikTok channel, and the January 11 video has people talking. I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling impressed by these majestic animals!

Wow! Those big, black horses are stunning, and it nearly looks like a fairy tale to see them wandering through the snow together. If this were a movie, this is when the end credits would roll! It's hard to believe that this is an everyday thing for @amandawestmoreland and her neighbors, but plenty of commenters confirm that this is very, very normal.

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"I love living in northern Nevada," @timea_frye chimed in. "Wild horses come to our house all the time. My daughters also help with rescuing the wild mustangs Beautiful sight!" That's so incredible to hear that people are so kind to the wild horses. The animals are very used to having people around, and Amanda even went outside to say hello much, much closer!

OMG--these horses are even more beautiful up close! The way the snow collects on their eyelashes is so delicate and sweet, but it's the wild mustangs' curiosity with Amanda that has me smiling from ear to ear. They didn't mind her company in the slightest, but I think they were trying to ask if she brought any food!

How do Wild Horses Survive in the Winter?

Although many expressed concern for the horses' wellbeing in the snow and freezing temperatures, those in the know quickly put everyone at ease. As you can see, the snow is sitting on top of the horses' thick coats, which is a sign that their coats are keeping them warm and dry.

The very same commenter who also lives in Nevada explained that the horses eat sagebrush and woody plants while roaming in the winter, though the Nevada Bureau of Land Management also provides them with hay on a regular basis. This department tracks and monitors the horses year-round to ensure they are moving and finding food.

Amanda may not get to be with the majestic animals full-time, but her interactions provide the horses with some much-needed stimulation.

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