Wife stuns husband during impromptu game of two truths and a lie

A TikToker left her husband in tears of joy after revealing her pregnancy during an impromptu game of two truths and a lie. Kelli Dougal, a performer in Portland, Oregon, shared a video of herself surprising her husband, Brandon Fielding, with the good news. “Two truths or a lie, you have to guess which one’s the lie,” a clearly nervous Dougal says. “Number one, I always wanted to be an actor. Number two, huskies are my favorite dog breed. Or number three, I’m pregnant”. Fielding thinks for a few seconds before saying, “I know huskies aren’t your favorite dog breed … so does that mean you’re pregnant”. Dougal smiles and nods, and her husband begins to tear up. “This is the cutest announcement and reaction I’ve seen in such a long time,” wrote one user. After the video blew up with nearly 4M views, Dougal shared a follow-up TikTok. “We actually have loved seeing all the support and the kind comments from everyone,” Dougal said, adding that she is now 13 weeks along in her pregnancy