Wife is baffled by husband’s Christmas ornament choice in annual exchange: ‘Am I dead?’

This wife couldn’t believe the Christmas ornament her husband picked out for her.

TikToker @amberlbess couldn’t help but roast her husband’s choice. Every year they buy each other a Christmas ornament. This year he got her one that looked gorgeous, the only issue was the inscribed message.

The ornament said, “A piece of my heart is in heaven. I have an angel watching over me and I call her wife.”

The ornament was clearly designed for a widower, yet she was clearly very much alive.

“I don’t have the heart to tell him… I’m still here — and he messed up!” she joked.

To get him to realize his mistake in a follow-up, she had him pose for a photo with the ornament. When he read it aloud, he still didn’t understand the issue.

“Am I dead?” she asked.

“No, it’s like you’re my angel,” he said.

She pointed out that she wasn’t in heaven yet, he explained he interpreted it as his heart being happy.

“You’re low-key trying to make fun of me,” he said. “Maybe I am dumb ’cause I didn’t read this right but it meant something to me different.”

Through quite a few chuckles, she denied his assertions and told him she loved him.

“Keep acting the way you’re acting and maybe the ornament will be true,” he joked.

He then turned around to reveal the slogan on his shirt said: “D***, it feels good to be a gangster.”

TikTokers loved his tender explanation but weren’t entirely sure they bought it either.

“I love that he was so genuinely sensitive about it and then turned around in his shirt said he was a gangster,” a person said.

“Wait, is he gaslighting us into believing that story,” someone wrote.

“Gangsters interpret things different You just don’t know the lingo,” a TikToker replied.

“The most genuine, sweet gangster I’ve ever seen! Too precious!” another commented.

“Aww he gave me tears. That was the sweetest interpretation,” a user said.

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