Wife accuses husband of ‘upstaging’ her Christmas cookie tradition: ‘[She] brought this upon herself’

A man’s wife accused him of “upstaging” her during their Christmas cookie-baking tradition.

He explained the situation to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. Every year he and his wife bake cookies in bulk. Then they invite their friends over to frost the cookies. Eventually, they give the cookies out to loved ones.

Each year, his wife handles the bulk of the baking duties because she refuses to let anyone do anything except frosting them. But this year, circumstances didn’t allow her to bake. That meant, he had to take over. He was happy to step up but she implied he couldn’t do it.

“I said that I was more than capable of baking the cookies,” he explained. “She seemed to think I was joking and that I could bassicly never do it myself.”

Before the big day came, he practiced making bulk cookies to optimize production. When it was time to bake they were able to make five times the amount of cookies they usually do.

Moreover, no one could tell the difference between the quality of this year’s batch and previous years.

“Well my wife gets home a couple days later and is weirdly upset. She insists the cookies taste weird, that we spent to much money,” he wrote. “That I was actively trying to make her look bad by making so much more than her.”

She told him that even if it wasn’t on purpose he “embarrassed” her in front of their circle.

Redditors had mixed reactions to the husband’s efforts.

“Your wife brought this upon herself by treating you as if you’re inherently worse than her at baking,” a user said.

“If this happened to me, I’d be hurt. This is PRECISELY the type of thing that bothers me,” another commented.

“Dude, you took something you knew was special to her and treated it like a game to upstage her,” someone added.

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