Widowed Duck Gets Introduced to Her New Partner and Her Reaction Is Everything

TikTok user @ysebaertacres shared one of the sweetest videos we've seen in a while. And it's not your typical video of dogs and cats. In fact, this video is very unique, but it's quickly capturing hearts.

This TikToker's duck is unfortunately widowed. So to brighten her spirits and keep her company, they brought in a new duck. The widowed duck's reaction is absolutely perfect. We promise that you've never seen ducks like this before!


This will be the sweetest thing you see ALL DAY 🥲🥲🥲 #ysebaertacres #ducksoftiktok @Em

♬ original sound - Ysebaert Acres // Laurel

Aww, stop it! This is seriously the cutest and sweetest thing we've seen all week! It took them no time at all to bond. It was love at first sight. Actually, it was how @haingingwiththechickens put it. The comment reads, "Love at first quack. That's awesome." LMAO! We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

"She's showing him around! Making introductions," said @lj.dinkin_flicka. She didn't even need to get to know the new duck. She just knew he belonged there and they were going to live happily ever after!

TikTokers are definitely a little jealous that their love life isn't as easy-going as this. "Why can't dating humans be like this? Someone just puts a man in front of me and we bond. No small chat," commented @shenaniganswithlaura. We wish it was this simple! @marielareads asked, "So do you provide this matchmaking service for humans or just ducks?" For real though! This would help us out big time. LOL!

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