‘Why Women Kill’ star Lana Parrilla on her passion for fashion — and why comfort and learning how to walk are real confidence boosters

Lana Parrilla gives viewers a sneak peek at Season 2 of ‘Why Women Kill’ - which is set in 1949 - and how her character, Rita Castillo, brings the figure-hugging fashions from that era to life. Parilla also shares the surprising advice she’d give her younger self and explains how her Brooklyn, N.Y. upbringing still influences her style choices today.

Video Transcript

LANA PARRILLA: Hi, I'm Lana Parrilla. And you are watching My Style. I've always loved fashion I like getting dressed up. That is something I really take a lot of pleasure in. I think it's an expression of one's self. My personal style varies. My wardrobe consists of like Dolce, Italian, French inspired looks. But then, there's also a very sort of relaxed, hippie, boho-chic kind of thing that I have to. And that is probably because I grew up on both coasts, both in Los Angeles and New York.

The Keep It Regal Boutique I started about a year ago. And that was inspired from the Brooklyn street girl in me, who really loves graphic tees. It's a self empowerment line. People that wear love or trust or unbreakable or things like that on their shirt. I used to wear shirts that said things like that. So it's been really fun to design these images with my team and to bring it to life, and then see people wear.

Style wise, what makes me feel confident is something that I feel extremely comfortable in. Something that accentuates my body. Nothing overly tight. A nice pair of heels, anywhere from like two to three inches of height and a beautiful dress, always makes me feel great. And then, with my hair done and makeup done, kind of like today.

The color makeup and clothing style that makes me feel empowered, I would say, is the color red for all the reasons that red represents symbolically, fire and passion. I would say that color, it not only looks great on me, but it is a very sort -- it's a statement and it's a showstopper. People look at you.

So on Why Women Kill, we have this Emmy award-winning fashion designer named Janie Bryant, who is just brilliant. Janie really captured-- especially with Rita Castillo, who's my character. Really wanted to give her that sort of Hollywood, movie star look. Because the show is set in 1949, and I personally feel it was probably one of the best decades of fashion in our history of fashion. So she's inspired by Rita Hayworth, Hedy Lamarr, Marilyn Monroe. All of those really beautiful dresses, that were extremely formfitting, the silhouette is that of, I guess you can say Jessica Rabbit. Which was very interesting for me because, in life, we're not wearing corsets. So I was cinched in every day and the challenges were breathing and sitting and walking.

The style and beauty advice that I would give to my younger self is to really focus on your feet and your legs when you're walking. There is a grounding that takes place. And, with that grounding, comes an enormous amount of strength and confidence. With Rita Castillo, the walk became very seductive and intentional and she used her body and her beauty and power to get what she wants in life. I started working on walking and really trusting that my legs can carry me. And I feel, even when I walk, I'm walking with purpose now. And I think when you're younger, you don't think about those things. I think if you tap into your body, and really feel your legs, it changes you.