Why Women Who Add These Steps To Their AM Routine Have Flawless Skin

This article has been updated since its initial publish date to include more expert insight.

We’re all trying to find ways to get clearer skin. However, everyone’s skin varies in sensitivity and texture, which means that there’s no one size fits all when it comes to skincare. Your skin is a window into your internal health, so if something’s off on the outside, it will almost always reflect on the outside. For this reason, your skin’s appearance mostly comes down to your habits, diet, hydration, and lifestyle. 

But, there are always little tips and tricks you can try to get a smoother looking complexion and natural glow when you’re in a pinch. We asked Emmy-winning makeup artist Janelle Thomason, founder of Cosmakery Cosmetics, what you can do in the morning to get flawless skin that stops people dead in their tracks.

Expert Tip #1— Switch To A Mousse-Based Foundation


One thing that plays a big role in your skin’s appearance is the products you use. Whether a product looks too cakey or wears off during the day, using makeup that doesn’t work with your unique skin type and texture can definitely make your skin look worse or enhance flaws. “For flawless-looking skin, try a mousse-based foundation. Mousse-based foundations are rare and hard to come by but wow do they make a difference.” Thomason says.

The most common face makeup products are powder or liquid, but they both have pretty significant drawbacks—powder can have a drying effect, while liquid foundations can melt off throughout the day. This can also be enhanced by whether or not you have dry or oily skin. “Mousse-based foundations like Cosmakery's clean, cruelty-free, vegan version can mimic actual skin and blend flawlessly regardless of type or texture.” The key to flawless skin is using makeup that looks natural and enhances your natural features.

#2— Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Besides this, one other thing that plays a big role in your skin’s appearance is the brushes you use. This is one essential step in your everyday makeup routine that shouldn’t be overlooked.


“One of the biggest lifestyle changes a woman can make for better skin is trading in your old makeup brushes for new vegan brushes. Some makeup brushes are made with squirrel hair and can hold harmful bacteria if not cleaned properly.” Thomason says.



Using old or poor quality brushes could be contributing to uneven texture and breakouts, so being sure to regularly clean and replace your brushes is key. It can also make a difference in how your makeup looks once it’s applied!


Consistency is key, so the routines you follow play a huge role in how your skin looks. Being mindful of the products you use is a big factor in this, and the first way to know what products you should be using is to understand your skin type. While everyone’s skin is individual, adding a mousse foundation is a safe bet that helps all skin types achieve a smooth, even glow that lasts.


Additionally, being thoughtful with what brushes you use, and how regularly you clean them, also play a role. Both of these things are tweaks you can make to your morning makeup routine so that you can see a lasting difference in your skin each day.