Why Were Taco Bell's Loaded Grillers Discontinued?

Loaded Griller from Taco Bell
Loaded Griller from Taco Bell - Willis Lam/Wikimedia Commons

The fast-food chain has many ardent customers, one of the reasons being that Taco Bell is so cheap and the other is because of its tasty grub. These fans are often quite passionate about certain menu items and become very incensed when their favorites are removed. Take the Loaded Grillers, for instance, which Taco Bell removed from its menu in 2020. Loaded Grillers featured ingredients like potatoes, beef, and chicken, which were enveloped in a tortilla and grilled. As for why these items got the axe, Taco Bell offered two reasons.

A representative for the chain told Today that "simplifying its menu to streamline operations and make ordering faster, safer and easier than ever" was the best course of action during the pandemic. Taco Bell also claimed that updating the menu allowed for the "Food Innovation Team to continue testing and developing the most craveable and innovative items." Despite the fast-food establishment's noble intentions, Taco Bell customers on Reddit were predictably upset. As stated by one person, "This will go down as the darkest month in Taco Bell history."

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Loaded Grillers Aimed To Provide Customers With Snack Options

Taco Bell signage daytime
Taco Bell signage daytime - Rivernorthphotography/Getty Images

Taco Bell's now-extinct Loaded Grillers were first added to the menu way back in 2012 and came in three flavor options — potato, beefy nacho, and Buffalo chicken. The three Loaded Grillers replicated popular appetizers, namely potato skins, beef nachos, and chicken wings. These additions were designed to appeal to customers seeking satisfying midday snacks and supported the chain's Happier Hour promotion. Specifically, the chain wanted to offer something craveable to its customers between the hours of 2 p.m. and 5 pm.

While Loaded Grillers no longer appear on American Taco Bell menus, they're not completely gone. Fans in Malaysia can still find this item on the snack menu, although in a slightly modified version. The Malaysian Loaded Griller features ground chicken, nacho chips, nacho cheese, and creamy jalapeño sauce. When it comes to U.S. locations, customers need to be a little crafty if they want to recreate this popular discontinued Taco Bell item.

Can You Hack Your Way To A Loaded Griller?

Taco Bell drive thru customer
Taco Bell drive thru customer - Joe Raedle/Getty Images

While Loaded Grillers are no longer available, it might be possible for Taco Bell customers to create a similar item within the app. For instance, the grilled black bean and cheese burrito can be fully customized to your liking. To recreate the Loaded Potato Griller, remove the black beans, seasoned rice, three cheese blend, and chipotle sauce, and keep the nacho cheese, reduced fat sour cream, and fiesta strips. Then, add potatoes to the burrito for $.85 (keep in mind that prices are likely to vary from location to location). Sadly, bacon bits are not on the menu, so snack-minded customers must do without them.

Using the app, you can also add seasoned beef and chicken to the grilled burrito, although the chicken will be lacking the spicy Buffalo sauce. Keep in mind that Taco Bell encourages customers to personalize their orders. Per a statement to Business Insider, a representative from the chain said, "Taco Bell's menu remains highly customizable," in reference to the outcry regarding the limited vegetarian options after select potato-based dishes were removed. Additionally, the chain has been workshopping rolling out a fully vegan Crunchwrap to hopefully satisfy customers in search of meatless menu items.

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