Why 'Top Gun: Maverick' Fans Are Absolutely Fuming After Tom Cruise’s 2023 Oscars Snub

'top gun maverick' fans react to tom cruise 2023 oscars snub
'Top Gun' Fans Fume Over Tom Cruise’s Oscars SnubGetty Images

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Top Gun: Maverick fans, Pete "Maverick" Mitchell is flying to the 2023 Oscars ... well, sort of.

Just a few months after the highly-anticipated Top Gun sequel debuted at the box office, it's now receiving the recognition it deserves. On January 24, it was revealed that the Tom Cruise-led film was nominated at the 2023 Academy Awards. (The winners will be announced on March 12.) As the movie's official Instagram shared, Top Gun: Maverick received a whooping six nods, including Best Picture.

"It’s time to buzz the tower! Congratulations to #TopGun: Maverick on its 6 Academy Award nominations! #Oscars95," the film's social media account wrote.

Naturally, fans expressed their excitement when news broke about all the nominations Top Gun: Maverick earned. But they also gave their two cents about a particular actor who may have been overlooked by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Folks appeared to be upset that Tom didn't get called out for one of the top honors of the night.

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"Tom Cruise deserved a Best Actor nomination!" one person wrote in the comments. "Well deserved 🔥 ... hope they win. Tom should have been there for Best Actor though," another added "Where is nomination for the Best Actor? Tom deserves it 😡," a different user agreed.

That said, fans might not have been the only ones shocked by the news. Two days before the Oscar nominations came out, Tom's co-star Jennifer Connelly opened up about his performance being worthy of an Oscar.

"He’s extraordinary," she told Variety. "He does an amazing job in the movie. He’s extraordinary as a person and fantastic as an actor, and I think that he is just perfect. He embodies that character so beautifully, and I think he absolutely deserves it."

ICYMI: Top Gun: Maverick is set 36 years following the events of the first film and it features Tom's character train anew class of Top Gun recruits (Miles Teller, Glen Powell and Jay Ellis). The movie also saw the return of fan-favorite characters, including Val Kilmer as Admiral Tom "Iceman" Kazansky.

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