Why Those High-Heel Crocs Are Actually Selling Out

High heel crocs are getting a lot of buzz. Find out what the obsession is all about.

Last week, we noticed another unexpected shoe trend starting to blow up: the high-heel croc. Yes, move over ugly sneaker, we said high-heel crocs. The rubbery, hole-filled clogs have been transformed into a pointy high heel, and the excitement around them seems to be palpable. The pink and gray colorway has already sold out. And one look at the reviews on Amazon, and you'll see that most customers are happy campers. So what exactly do they love about the high-heel crocs?

Well for starters, they're comfortable as all crocs—like it feels like you're getting a foot rub while wearing them. One shopper who bought them for her son's mother-in-law said, "She tried them on and loved the little beads that are on the sole of the shoe, said it felt like getting a massage." So we guess those strategically placed rubber grooves aren't just for looks.

Not that we're doctors or anything, but one reviewer explained, "It is made to stimulate circulation, I guess." Walking on the tiny nodules does take some getting used to. "At first it was a bit uncomfortable," the reviewer continues. "[Once] you break them in, oh how wonderful they are!"

And last but not least, they are good for any age. One customer who purchased them for his wife says, "I was worried because she is 71 years young and I was afraid they would be too high for her, but she loved them." Get this: And she wore them to church for four hours straight.