Why Skiing In Wisconsin Is Better Than Colorado

We all know about Colorado's towering peaks, expansive back bowls, and pristine continental snowfall, but have you ever tried skiing in Wisconsin?

Watch as comedian/internet personality Alex Wehrley provides a satirical explanation as to why she prefers skiing in the Badger State over the Rocky Mountains of Colorado:

I've written down all of Wehrley's totally serious reasons for why Wisconsin skiing is better than Colorado.

Here they are:

1. You can see the Milwaukee Brewers' stadium from Wilmot Mountain.

2. The 'Bunny Hills' in Wisconsin are actually beginner friendly.

3. Wisconsin gets less snow so your chances of dying in an avalanche are lower.

4. Wisconsin hills don't have as many runs. So, you'll always run into your friends.

5. It takes less time to get down the hill which means more time for recovery on the chairlift.

6. Most Wisconsin chairlifts are two-seaters. This means you don't have to make awkward conversation with a third-wheeler.

7. The hill is smaller so you get bored quicker, which means you drink more beer, which makes everything more fun.

Ya know what? She makes some good points...

Okay, look, she's obviously kidding. I hope that was abundantly clear without having to explain it.

Skiing in Wisconsin isn't as 'good' as Colorado when it comes to size, snowfall, and variety, but who cares?

Like Wehrley said, that just means there's more time to drink beer. Ya know, the way you're supposed to kill time in Wisconsin.

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