Here’s why you’re seeing Pedro Pascal eating a sandwich all over the internet

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Judging from the views racking up on social media, it seems as if anything "The Last of Us" actor Pedro Pascal says or does is destined to go viral.

Memes of the actor on set or in interviews regularly amass thousands, if not millions, of likes and comments across social media platforms — there’s even a TikTok page dedicated to them.

A recent episode of the show "Snacks Wars" has prompted a wave new of meme-able moments on TikTok.

"Snack Wars" features celebrities tasting — and voting on — a variety of snack food from different countries. One moment in particular from the interview has gone viral on TikTok — the moment when the Chilean-American actor took a bite of a sandwich and momentarily spaced out before snapping back to reality.

In a clip posted to YouTube, actor and director Jon Favreau and Pascal are asked to compare a traditional American PB&J and a favorite Chilean breakfast bite known as marraqueta, which is a type of hard roll, served alongside a creamy avocado spread. “There’s no comparison for me,” Pascal says, pointing to the Chilean staple.

As Pascal tastes the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, he pauses briefly and then jumps back into the conversation as if nothing happened. It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment that has gone viral, sparking countless viral TikTok memes that represent the feeling of being unbothered and unenthused.

One TikTok post with more than 7 million views photoshopped Pascal into a restaurant scene.

"When you catch up with your friends and they're all complaining about their trash men, but you can't relate (because) your man is perfect and treats you like a princess everyday," the video text said.

Another with TikTok post with more than 1 million views shows a photoshopped Pascal in an office break room.

"When everyone on work is drowning in tasks, but I still have five minutes before my break is over," the video text said

A third with 3.6 million views features the original five seconds with the caption: "Me when I don't find anything to watch while I eat."

Other TikTok videos are a bit more literal — and relatable: "When it's 9:30am and you're already making your way through lunch."

This isn't the first time Pedro Pascal has had a "food fight" on a camera. In March, the actor appeared on "Hot Ones" and was challenged to eat spicy wings while being peppered with questions on a variety of subjects.

Pedro Pascal trying to subdue the heat of spicy wings. YouTube
Pedro Pascal trying to subdue the heat of spicy wings. YouTube (YouTube)

“This is the story structure to your interview: You tell me I’m doing well and then you try to kill me,” Pascal joked after eating one of the spiciest wings.

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