Why Savannah Guthrie Was Absent From 'Today' Following Oscars

The morning show host didn't appear in her normal seat on the March 13 broadcast.

Savannah Guthrie was once again absent from her seat on the Today show Monday morning.

Her absence comes shortly after abruptly leaving mid-show earlier in the month due to testing positive for COVID-19 for a third time. Luckily, the March 13 nonattendance isn't related to illness.

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Guthrie attended last night's Oscars ceremony, as well as the Vanity Fair after party, and simply put, it seems she needed some time to recoup after all the late-night festivities.

Cohost Hoda Kotb—who recently returned from her own stint away from the show due to her daughter being hospitalized—briefly explained Guthrie's no-show was due to her "having the day off," assumably to rest from the exciting day before. In place of Savannah, the broadcast journalist was joined, instead, by Craig Melvin.

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"It's the Monday morning after the Oscars," the 58-year-old began, before later confirming, "Savannah has the morning off."

Guthrie attended last night's events alongside husband Michael Feldman, posing for photos in a black form-fitting gown with beaded floral embellishments along the neck and open-back detailing.

Though the 51-year-old was given some extra time to rest, that luxury seemingly wasn't extended to everyone who was present for the 2023 Oscars gatherings. A few minutes after the start of the show, Hoda and Craig were joined by their colleague Kaylee Hartung, who had also appeared at the Oscars the night before.

"Girl, I know you had a late night, you look great this morning," Hoda told the broadcaster prior to her going into her report on the 2023 awards ceremony.

"You're too sweet, Hoda," Kaylee replied, before adding: "Sleep—it's overrated!"

Here's hoping Savannah comes back refreshed after her day off!

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