Why Saatva's Classic Mattress Is the Best One Money Can Buy

saatva classic mattress review
Saatva's Classic Is the Best Mattress Ever. PeriodSaatva

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The editors of Esquire recently went on sleep deep-dive to test and discover the best mattresses to buy right now. I decided to do a review on Saatva's Classic Mattress because it's one that everyone raves about. My first thought and worry was how was I going to make this review meaningful? There are a lot of mattress reviews on the internet already, so why bother with something already so universally acclaimed? But, on a second thought, I had only slept on NYU's raggedy twin XL and Ikea's beaten-up mattresses for the last four years. A mattress upgrade was desperately needed. If there was a chance for me to get what is apparently "America's best-selling online luxury innerspring," I sure as hell wasn't gonna turn it down—and now I thank myself everyday that I didn't.

To start with a quick sum up of the Saatva Classic Innerspring Mattress: It's worth it—all the hype, splurge, testing efforts, and the wait for delivery. It's as close to perfection as mattresses can get, especially for someone who at times suffers muscle soreness, is a hot combination sleeper, and simply needs a good seven hours of nightly sleep. Also, with all the all-foam mattresses on the market now, it's rare an online mattress features this kind of built-in traditional innerspring center for support. Anyways, without further ado, here's the full-blown, kid-you-not review of Saatva's Classic Mattress.

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid innerspring with memory foam

  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King, Split California King

  • Available Heights: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches

  • Available Firmness Levels: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, Firm

  • Trial Duration: 365 days

Why Saatva? Because of quality and customer service.

Now that I think of it, what really won me over to Saatva is the brand's white-glove service: The delivery men will do the heavy lifting, including setting up and removing your old mattress, all for free. After hearing horror stories about people having to carry a mattress up multiple flights in a walk-up apartment, I was glad I jumped on the Saatva wagon. What's more, Saatva lets you test out sleeping on any mattress for up to a year before your final decision.

As for the mattress's quality itself, I'll put it this way: Saatva's Classic is the top dog amongst D2C online mattresses. It delivers those traditional trimmings people can find at upscale retail stores and love: A dual base coil, dense foam rails, responsive pocketed steel coils, high-density memory foam, full-feeling sleep surface...all come in a white glove delivery. So, let's break down the specs. The legendary Saatva comfort all comes from them.

The comfort level? Off the chart.

I did what most people think you can't anymore and tested out the Classic at Saatva's showroom (I live in NYC where this option is available). It was like getting a serotonin dose when I first laid down on it—and every night thereafter. The soft, quilted pillow top made with breathable cotton feels practically sleep-inducing. Beneath that, the high-density memory foam supplies pressure relief to spine and joints, especially in the middle where body weight zeroes in. The pocketed coils then mitigate more pressure by adding extra lumbar support and contouring to the back. And the bottom base coil takes care of airflow and cooling, in addition to being anti-sagging. Those high-density foam rails around the mattress round out the night by proving a firm edge—and I can comfortably sleep on the very edge. Yeah, quite a load of good specs.

There's just one thing, a dealbreaker for some: the Saatva Classic is on the firmer side. The mattress is mostly innerspring with only one thin layer of memory foam. I have the softest option, Plush Soft, which feels padded and cushioned but still leans towards medium firm. My back sinks just enough into it, not a bit too deep—and it does get bouncy. I dig that balance, but if you prefer getting completely cradled in mushy memory foam, Saatva's Classic might be too firm.

Is it worth it? Short answer: Yes.

Long answer? Depends. As with any mattress, there's really no one-size-fits-all, though the Saatva Classic comes close. Needless to say, its pressure-relieving foam and responsive coils render it stellar for people who suffer pain here and there, especially in the back. The Plush Soft option is for those who want even more cushioning. The Luxury Firm option, being firm enough for support and plush enough for cuddling, is recommended for restless combination sleepers. And the Firm option is great for couples, heavyweights, and sleeping with the whole back—from shoulders to hips—aligned.

Plus, despite boasting no cooling tech, Saatva's Classic is a decent choice for hot and sweaty sleepers because, instead of all foam, it's mainly in coils which are by nature more breathable. I've never needed to move around to cool off because my body heat has likely never been absorbed, once. That's pretty damn cool.

Alas, for an under-$2,000 online mattress with the merit of a traditional luxury innerspring, it can't hurt to cop it (and it's oftentimes on sale) then sleep on it for a few nights—or a whole year—to experience the Saatva Classic for yourself. Are your friends who sleep well every night right about it? Do those rave online expert reviews like this one speak truth? Is the hype justified? The answers are: Yes, yes, and, why don't you see it for yourself?

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