So This Is Why Julia Roberts' Weird 'Mother's Day' Wig Looks so Familiar


If you've come across a poster for Garry Marshall's newest holiday ensemble film Mother's Day and wondered whaaaat is up with Julia Roberts' hair and whyyy it looks so familiar, People has found the answer to one of those questions:

A source from the film reports the wig is from 1999 and Julia herself wore it in Notting Hill's space movie-within-a-movie Helix.

The wig hasn't seen the light of day in17 years and just how this whole thing came about (or again, whyyy) if this is true, we don't know for sure, but it's all wonderfully weird and meta and kind of hilarious.

Roberts herself didn't comment on her personal history with the bob, but did mention the attention it's received: "I've heard a lot about my look in the movie. There's a lot of interpretation about my look," she told People at the Los Angeles premiere. "I wish I could've put that much thought into it. It was kind of, like, quick putting it together." Hmm, if quick is grabbing an old wig out of your closet/storage, then no kidding!