Why Jenny and Dave on 'Home Town Takeover' Look So Familiar

dave and jenny marrs
Get to Know HGTV Stars Dave and Jenny Marrs NBC

Home Town Takeover season 2 has made its return to our screens — and this time, with two new famous faces along for the ride.

HGTV stars Dave and Jenny Marrs (of Fixer to Fabulous) have joined forces with Ben and Erin Napier (of Home Town) as they travel to Fort Morgan, Colorado, to embark on a second season of stunning home and commercial renovations.

Considering the goal of Home Town Takeover is to revive an American small town, Dave and Jenny were natural choices for the show. Of course, if you’re not familiar with the HGTV power couple, you might be looking to learn more about what makes them such a great fit. Ahead, uncover background on the Marrses, including who they are and how they got into the renovation business.

Who are Dave and Jenny Marrs?

Dave and Jenny Marrs are the husband-and-wife duo behind HGTV’s beloved Fixer to Fabulous. Together, they’re a true example of beauty and brawn — and not just in the traditional sense. Where Dave is the builder, Jenny transforms rooms and homes into beautiful spaces with her keen eye for style and design.

It's because of their design prowess and building know-how that Dave and Jenny have also been judges on HGTV shows, like Rock the Block.

Additionally, they have a spin-off show, Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn, in which they bought, renovated, and opened their very own Airbnb (which they originally planned to be a traditional bed and breakfast). (Interested in booking the space? Learn more, here.)

Outside of their shows—both of which focus on restoring historic homes with a farmhouse flair—and guest appearances, Dave and Jenny have their own housing development firm, Marrs Developing, which “has played a crucial role in developing the NW Arkansas region,” the company’s site reads.

Beyond their Airbnb and developing firm, Dave and Jenny run The Berry Farm, a community-oriented event space and farm in Bentonville, Arkansas, in which proceeds benefit orphans and underprivileged children.

In addition to all this, Dave and Jenny have five little ones of their own — twin boys, two daughters, and a toddler. Needless to say, they know how to juggle the responsibilities of work and family life quite well, so they were able to seamlessly fit into the bigger picture of Home Town Takeover, in which Ben and Erin help families and struggling businesses turn over a new leaf.

“Struggling small towns can do the hard work to become healthy again. It’s difficult, but nothing great is ever easy,” Erin said in an HGTV release. “And while it is scary to take on a project of this scale, it helps so much to have a team to help carry the load."

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