Why I’ll Never Shower the Same Way Again

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The Luv Scrub is unlike any other exfoliator you’ve ever tried. Trust me. (Photo: Luv Scrub)

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When Caroline Ansah was 5 years old, her mother introduced her to bathing with an exfoliating body net that looked a lot like the tool that fishermen would launch out into the sea.

“It is a staple in every Ghanaian household. That is what you use and all you know growing up,” Ansah tells Yahoo Beauty. “My friends would ask me, ‘What is that hanging in your shower?’ I always thought it was weird that they did not know what it was. I also thought it was extremely weird that people felt satisfied with the other tools or hands.”

Truth be told, many individuals prefer to solely use their hands and bar soap to shower. But as Ansah grew older, she stuck to washing with the body net, which is the customary way in most West African countries. Now the 39-year-old first-generation Ghanaian-American is building a business based on a beauty product she has used her entire life.

Luv Scrub is a mesh exfoliator that can be used every day to scrub your body from head to toe. Unlike most loofahs or mitts, the nylon net is surprisingly gentle and durable, and it can last for up to 18 months — do the math yourself and see how much money you’d spend replacing those drugstore shower poofs in that same amount of time. (OK, we did it for you, and it would cut your spending in half.)

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I’ve been showering with the azure-blue Luv Scrub for the past two weeks, and I probably will never go back to using a washcloth. Honestly, after just one go with this exfoliator, my skin felt baby-soft. Here are four reasons why I’m team Luv Scrub and you should be too:

  1. It stretches long enough (up to 50 inches, to be exact) that I can wash every inch of my tall frame and scrub my back without asking for help.

  2. All I need is just a nickel-sized amount of soap or body wash to create a luxurious lather while still being able to buff away dead skin cells. No more ashy elbows or heels!

  3. It lifts stubborn ingrown hairs, especially around the bikini line, with ease. I’m sure my waxer would be impressed.

  4. The nylon mesh is easy to clean with hot water, and it dries down superquick, which prevents it from becoming a bacteria breeding ground in the shower.

Luv Scrub ($18, includes free shipping) is available at theluvscrub.com.

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