Why This Grocery Store Just Pulled Kansas City BBQ Sauce From Shelves

Several NFL teams are currently on the road to the Super Bowl in early February, and one of the last matchups before the championship—between the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday—is already making the competition fierce.

In fact, Dash's Market, a grocery chain with four locations throughout Buffalo, New York, is pulling KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce from its shelves until after the game, according to local news station WKBW Buffalo. The grocer was reportedly compelled to do so when local radio host, DJ Rich "Bull" Gaenzler of the Morning Bull show on 97 Radio, told grocery stores in the area to support the Bills by ditching Kansas City BBQ sauce. (Related: Grocery Shortages To Expect in 2021, According to Experts.)

Is this crazy superstitious? Possibly. But the radio DJ thinks a temporary absence of the Kansas City BBQ sauce in upstate NY will help the Buffalo Bills win. "Truck it off for a week and then you can bring it back when it's all said and done," Gaenzler said.

"This is for Bills Mafia, this is for Bills mojo, anything we can do to help the Bills."

The Morning Bull show has been updating fans with grocery chains that have decided to hop on board:

Of his decision, Dash Market's director of operations, Tony Pacella, told the news station, "This is like a community effort so we can all get together and help the Bills pull out that win on Sunday."

We'll have to wait until after the game to see which team the superstition helps, but good thing Buffalo isn't playing the Green Bay Packers out of Wisconsin, or cheese may have been missing from shelves!

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