Why Green Beans In A Bag Are Having A Moment On TikTok

Green beans in a bag
Green beans in a bag - Chelsea Market / Instagram

Vegetables may be the food of the choice when you're looking for a healthy and nutritious option, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them as a delicious snack. And if you love fresh vegetables, look no further than the recent craze on TikTok to discover how to upgrade your green beans by turning them into a tasty treat. What is this game-changing method featured in many TikTok videos with hundreds of thousands of views? It's all about how you season the green beans and eat them from a brown paper bag.

This green bean recipe originates from the Israeli chain restaurant Miznon, which serves fast-casual Mediterranean food. The restaurant offers a menu item called "bag of greens," which are green beans seasoned with salt, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. The green beans are served like a snack in a brown paper bag with crumpled parchment paper. This way of cooking and enjoying green beans has received high praise on the social media platform.

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A Bag Of Greens Makes These Veggies Taste Amazing

Green beans in a bag
Green beans in a bag - Chelsea Market / Instagram

One TikToker accrued 667,000 views eating a homemade bag of greens and shared that this green bean recipe from Miznon makes the veggies taste lemony, garlicky, salty, and just like french fries.

Miznon has found a way to transform green beans into a delicious snack with its seasonings. It also seems the restaurant has chosen to serve the veggies in a paper bag because it makes the green beans look more appetizing. Miznon Melbourne's Head Chef, Afik Gal, told UIA Australia that Miznon plates the veggies in a brown paper bag to make them "look nice and fresh and sexy."

What's also great about eating green beans from a bag is that you can comfortably eat the tasty veggies while on the go. If you'd like to make a bag of greens at home, there are essential steps specific to Miznon's recipe that you must incorporate to ensure your green beans have the same flavor and texture (in addition to the other cooking tips you should know for green beans).

Tips For Making Miznon's Green Beans In A Bag

Green beans in a pot and strainer
Green beans in a pot and strainer - TimGeorgeJr / 'X' formerly known as Twitter

When making green beans in a bag, you'll first need to boil your veggies. Do not boil your green beans for longer than eight minutes; otherwise, they will not achieve the desired flavor and texture. When your green beans are finished, they should be tender and chewy with a vibrant green color.

Remove your beans from the pot and place them in a bowl of ice-cold water, where they'll soak in the liquid for about 60 seconds. After sufficiently soaking your veggies, transfer them to a strainer to drain the water.

Spread a minimal amount of olive oil on your fingers and lightly pat your veggies to ensure the green beans are sufficiently moist. Skipping this step may cause your beans to taste differently than they should. It's also essential that you do not use too much olive oil on your green beans. Consider checking for a top olive oil brand for a fantastic taste.

When you're ready to season your green beans, keep in mind that you shouldn't use too much salt, lemon juice, or garlic. You should season the veggies just enough to have a flavorful balance of the seasonings and the natural taste of the green beans. After you've seasoned your green beans, throw them in a brown paper bag with some parchment paper and enjoy your delicious snack.

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