Why fans are unhappy with Hypnotic on Netflix

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

Forget film critics, it's Netflix viewers at home who are the hardest to please - just look at the social media reaction to Hypnotic.

The thriller follows a young woman who enlists the help of a hypnotist, in a bid to make some self-improvements. The film stars Kate Siegel, Lucie Guest, Dulé Hill and Jason O'Mara, and was released on the 27th October.

And while some viewers have loved it, making it one of the Top 10 in the UK this week, others have been a little more critical on social media, questioning quite how unlikely the story is.

"Who wrote this? Why wouldn't Gina hang up as soon as she heard the therapist's voice?!" one person wrote, while another simply put, "2/5. Terrible Writing."

Photo credit: Eric Milner/Netflix
Photo credit: Eric Milner/Netflix

Someone else said, "Just watched Hypnotic on Netflix. Incredibly slow first act which would make most people switch off, sped up for the final act and was quite gripping but on the whole was disappointing. Some nice shots throughout but the writing let it down massively."

Others are way more supportive of the film, though, praising Kate for her performance as Jenn. "#hypnoticnetflix was good asf! Definitely a must watch on," someone said, while another put, "I'm watching hypnotic in Netflix and it is SO good !! my queen Kate Siegel did that again, she will never ever disappoint me."

The film also happens to be one of the Top 10 streamed shows and films in the UK right now, so it can't be that bad. Right? There's only one thing for it: time to watch it and decide for yourself.

Watch Hypnotic on Netflix now.

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