Why is everyone yelling ‘it’s a parade inside my city?’ on TikTok

A single rap lyric is stuck in TikTokers heads and they can’t stop blurting it out.

TikTokers are screaming, “It’s a parade inside my city,” which is one of the opening lines to Louisiana rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again’s (NBA Youngboy) song “Fresh Prince of Utah).

The lyric was popularized by NBA star Ja Morant, who has made a routine of yelling the phrase in postgame interviews after Memphis Grizzlies wins. TikToker @editedby.alz posted a video compilation of Morant screaming the line.

“POV: You have that one lyric stuck in your head,” he wrote in the post. His video received nearly 11 million views and over 1.6 million likes. The audio from that video has over 6,000 posts attached to it.

On top of that video going viral, another user took things a step forward to make a second trending post for this trend.

J12 (@j12.editz) is a Ja Morant fan page that regularly posts edits of the Grizzlies All-Star. J12 combined the compilation video of Morant yelling the phrase and the actual song by NBA YoungBoy.

While his video didn’t garner the same amount of views as the one from @editedby.alz, TikTokers have latched onto the audio much more.

The sound from the video has over 190,000 posts credited to it, with users taking the sound to express their elation.

When my parents are in Mexico for a week so i get to sleep with my phone,” said @yafavchlo14.

Parents are even bragging about their kids with this sound.

“Pov god blessed you with a good baby that don’t cry every 5 minutes, only poops every once in a while and not bald headed,” wrote @rackracertae.

The comments did warn him about the potential downsides of a good child.

“It’s called a trick baby a baby so good they trick you into having another,” said @mkay.nailedit.

As long as the Memphis Grizzlies keep winning and Ja Morant continues to yell the phrase after wins, expect to hear this lyric for a long time.

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