Why is everyone on TikTok talking about an ‘eel pit’?

People are desperate to know when a man with a homemade “eel pit” is going to finally get some gosh darn eels in the dang pit.

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This TikTok phenomenon is just as weird as it sounds. It all started when Nick Tobler, the owner of the reptile and fish store Reel Life Aquatics in Kentucky, announced he was making an eel pit under his home. Tobler began converting the rainwater cistern beneath his garage into an eel pit back in March.

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Since then, people have been anxiously watching him prepare for months. But now they’re finally getting sick of waiting, they want to know where the eels are.

On June 14, Tobler announced that there was “new life in the eel pit” and the “eels come very soon.”

Reporter Julia Glum has been staying up-to-date on Tobler’s project. In a series of tweets, she noted how rabid his fanbase had gotten.

“There have been a lot of complaints about how long the eels are taking. But I trust the process,” Glum said.

“I don’t f****** care if I’m on my deathbed or something one of you have to tell me once Eel Pit Man gets some Eels in his Pit. Please,” @vgumihoe said in a tweet.

Fans can breathe a sigh of release, Tobler has delivered on his promise of eels. On June 15, the eels finally arrived and were placed into the eel pit. Rejoice!

“Learning about eel pit guy the day he gets the eels? Now that is providence,” @Meadbymead wrote in a tweet.

“babe wake up the eel pit guy finally put eels in the eel pit,” @morgan_sung joked on Twitter.

“The eel pit guy finally got some eels. What a wonderful day,” @eeeeclaire said on Twitter.

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