Why is everyone talking about Jan. 9 on TikTok?

TikTokers are dreading waking up on Jan. 9 — here’s why they’re hoping to hit the snooze button.

Jan. 9 was a big deal on the platform last year. It coincided with the second season premiere of HBO’s Euphoria. So, as expected, there was a lot of fan chatter about the big day. However, this year it means something entirely different — although it affects high schoolers just the same.

What does Jan. 9 mean on TikTok?

The trend began when people started posting clips of themselves and characters reacting to the date with anxiety.

“POV: Me on January 9th at 7am,” @richellesobese video caption stated.

The footage showed Venom from Spider-Man having a breakdown with the sound of an alarm clock overlayed.

“POV: Everyone on January 9th at 7am,” @garvex.am captioned the video with footage of Superman freaking out.

The real reason Gen Z doesn’t want Jan. 9 to come is that it’s the day most of them return to school after break. Many people can relate to the feeling.

“How it’s gonna feel Jan 9th after having a sleep schedule of 5am-2pm for two weeks straight,” @daltonstihl said.

In the video, he takes his backpack off and slams into his bed to sleep. Then, he immediately springs back up and puts his backpack on.

“Tomorrow is January 9th,” @davinankasa said, shaking her head in disappointment. “Nooo I don’t wanna go,” she added in the caption.

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