Why Drew Lock's set up for fantasy success in 2020

Yahoo Fantasy's Liz Loza and Adam Rank discuss how John Elway helped his second-year quarterback by adding a plethora of offensive weapons this offseason. Subscribe to the Yahoo Fantasy Football Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: You and I, I think, are both a little high. I'm high on Lock. I've always been higher on him than the consensus. I think he got banged for having three different offensive coordinators while he was at Mizzou and never really had an opportunity to work on his mechanics. And clearly, John Elway, whether it's because he selfishly wants to clear his name of not being able to find a franchise quarterback or because he truly believes in Drew Lock doesn't matter. He's got a [BLEEP]-ton of weapons.

So do you either-- do you like or not like the following statement? Drew Lock has had the best offseason.

ADAM RANK: I love that statement. I think that it's absolutely accurate. And I think one of the things about John Elway, obviously, the misses at the quarterback position will always be his sword of Damocles or whatever. He's done a great job of assembling a roster with great players. The defense is good. They were top 10 last year, maybe top five. But they're getting Bradley Chubb back. They lost Chris Harris, but I think they're going to be able to overcome that. They kept the safety. So all that's working out pretty well.

And then what they did offensively during the draft, like in addition to getting Melvin Gordon, who I think is better than Royce Freeman, so whatever role Phillip Linsey had will probably still have that role. It's just that Gordon is better than Royce Freeman. And RIP Royce Freeman's fantasy output and everything like that.

But you look at Jerry Jeudy, and you look at KJ Hamlin, like, that's the one that you-- kind of just sneaks by the radar. Like, oh--

LIZ LOZA: But that's the Henry Ruggs. That's the Henry Ruggs. Like, oh, you know how Jerry Jeudy got to be Jerry Jeudy? He had a speedster on the opposite side of the field doing amazing stuff at Alabama. And so let's-- and we already got Courtland Sutton who managed to take a big leap in his last season, great. And Noah Fant and another--

ADAM RANK: Noah Fant.

LIZ LOZA: --damn tight end?

ADAM RANK: Yeah. I mean, that's-- everything was set up. Like, it's really weird. Like, if you compare the offseasons of Drew Lock and Aaron Rodgers, the Broncos won seven games last year. And they're like, we're going to do everything to make sure that our quarterback succeeds. And the Packers were like, we're going to do everything to hurt our quarterback, including drafting his replacement. So I really feel like these are two different offseasons that were going on.

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