Why Drew Brees will struggle against the Lions

FFL Flash Alert - Andy Behrens explains why Drew Brees will be off his game in week 4 vs. Detroit.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Tank was just speaking of hot [INAUDIBLE] cakes, which is what I'm gonna change all my fantasy team names to in the next break. I think that is a pretty good description of what we're gonna get from Drew Brees this week. He is gonna be severely off his game.

No Jared Cook, no Michael Thomas. Again, that is all kinds of trouble. It's not the match-up, obviously. The match-up is perfectly fine against Detroit. But there's nobody left to throw to against Alvin Kamara, who's probably gonna see, I don't know, 15 targets, 20 targets, 30 targets, who knows?

Every good thing that has happened to Drew Brees this year has been the result of Yards After Catch from Kamara. His average depth of target so far this season is 4.8 yards. That is ridiculously shallow. It is by far the lowest total in the league. This is just not an explosive offense without those playmakers. I think Brees is going to be severely off his game.