Why Don't We Ever Talk About How Kate Middleton Founded A Drinking Society?

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Photo credit: Getty Images

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Guess what? Kate Middleton had a life before the royal family. And though it's hardly new news, the fact that she was a v. normal college kid once blows people's minds from time to time. Particularly the fact that she founded a drinking society back in the day.

The Guardian first reported on it in 2007 (the drinking society, not the "Kate existed before she met William" bit), when they breathily delved into every detail of her life as a prince's girlfriend and expected duchess-to-be.

"At university, Kate continued to grow in confidence," the article explains. "She co-founded a girls' drinking society [at St. Andrews], 'annoyed that the old ones excluded women' - but no one remembers her getting very drunk."

It was not unusual for these old "societies" to only welcome male members when Kate was in school; in fact, it was only a few years ago that some began inviting women to join.

As far as those pictures of Kate in a see-through dress over lingerie? "Friends insist she was no exhibitionist. 'It was just a student charity event. Tickets were £20, not £200 as reported, and the room was basically full of friends. It was no big deal.'"

Ahead of her time, that Duchess.

Photo credit: Con Poulos
Photo credit: Con Poulos

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